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This site is dedicated to the life and work of the late Rick Griffin - Surf, Comic and Psychedelic artist extraordinaire.

Thanks to all of Rick's friends, associates and admirers who have given advice, encouragement and a generous supply of information and content. Special thanks are due to Ida Griffin and other copyright holders for permission to display so many inspirational images.

The site was given a major update in July 2006 to improve accessibility, usability and web standards compliance and has had various minor tweaks since then. It's been tested with IE6 and above, Firefox, Safari and the Lynx text browser and found to function as intended.

Due to the high graphic content of this site, it may be slow to load, although your patience will be rewarded. The site uses JavaScript for image presentation but should also work well with non-JavaScript browsers - let me know if it doesn't.

Comments, corrections, relevant links, additional information or images you'd like to share, will be gratefully received. I'm not a Griffin expert and am not able to advise on the value of specific pieces - check the links page for people who can.

Enjoy your stay...

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